Quite honestly I haven’t really felt like blogging lately.. Oh well.. I’ll probably start again eventually.. 

Today was a delightful day. I use the word delightful mainly because I use the word nice too often..

I decided to sleep in and skip my bio class so I got a sufficient amount of sleep! In calc though, I proooobably failed my quiz.. Ahhhhh so unfortunate. Oh well.. Week break! I don’t even care! 

I really enjoyed today haha. I got to talk to a lot of people I like and care about today.. As well as hung out with a bunch of good friends.. The new episode of Valvrave made me really happy too.. Haruto and Rukina are so cute.. But I feel so bad for Shoko! Like, what happened to the beginning?! I guess it’s admirable to not want to involve her with his own struggle and have her continue a somewhat normal life.. But she’s going through her own struggles, and I feel like Haruto should be there for her! I don’t know.. Maybe I’m just dumb.. Oh well.. That episode kind of made up for the last one. 

Played hide and go seek in the dark for the second day, awwwww yeah. Then got donuts, and now i’m watching Tangled with some buddies. Tomorrow I shall probably be watching Monsters University. 

Strangely I just feel like watching this scene..

Ahh it’s been a full week since I last put in a blog.

I feel as though a lot has happened yet very few things have happened… I guess that statement doesn’t make sense logically.. Oh well. 

I went back home Saturday and got my invisalign braces. The first few days hurt like hell haha, I couldn’t eat properly and taking them off made me feel as though my teeth were being pulled out. I have sores on my tongue because of the ends of the aligners, and I can no longer snack.. Also I have a lisp.. But at least it’s starting to feel a lot better now and my lisp is starting to go away! Soon i’ll be back to normal, I hope. 

Sunday was father’s day, I called my dad and whatnot. Nothing too special, for most of the day I hung out with friends and finished webassign for Calc 2. I also played a bunch of Animal Crossing Wild World with some friends. I would have gotten Animal Crossing A New Leaf, but not very many of my friends had it and two good friends of mine started playing Wild World. Speaking of games in the past week I’ve bought Animal Crossing Wild World, The Last Story, and The Last of Us. So many games on my agenda.. As well as Final Fantasy!

Monday I studied with a few friends and had homemade chicken tenders! Nothing special besides that I think.. Anywho i’m studying for Calc 2 right now because i’m so lost in the section we’re in..

Final Fantasy Versus XIII XV

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Seeing this trailer literally led to me running around my apartment in excitement. This, AS WELL AS Kingdom Hearts 3 is far too unbelievable. Everything looks so beautiful in this game. This is changing the Final Fantasy Roman Numeral battle system.. 

Finished with exams. Finished with Exams. Finished with Exams…
…..For two weeks.

Finally this week is over. Today I had a Code Geass night at my place, and it seems that everyone seems to like it. In fact, really like it. It was a lot of fun being with everyone and watching my favorite series.. So much input and different opinions it was interesting. I’ve seen this series literally like nine times, but even so I’ve held a lot of opinions I’ve on it.. It has a good plot, interesting characters, really interesting and thought provoking conflicts, moral struggles, and so much more.. Although it was really sad, and a lot of things didn’t go the way I’d have liked it to go, it still proved to be an amazing story. 

Tomorrow (technically today), is my friend’s birthday! And we’re all having a big birthday bash (including mine and another friend’s birthday) and drinking refreshments. Hopefully it won’t be toooo crazy.. but it’ll be a lot fun. 

On a side note.. I’m probably too positive for my own good.. Oh well.. I guess it’s who I am, or rather who I’ve become or becoming.. As long as I see the negatives, there’s nothing wrong with mainly looking at positives I suppose.